What Is the Best Prostate Massager?

I’ve done a lot of research and even experienced what a few different prostate massagers have to offer. Still the question remains: what is the best prostate massager? It’s a pretty tough question to answer. To be honest, I don’t think that there’s a single best prostate massager out there. The reason for this is because every man is different and something as simple as his height or weight can make the sensations of getting a prostate massage different. It may even be that different men need different angles of prostate stimulation to get maximum pleasure. This makes it really tough to find the best prostate massager without just trying them all.

One of the most important things to remember is to start out small. Some guys see that there are different types of prostate massagers for advanced users and beginners. They assume that there’s nothing hard about prostate stimulation and so they jump right into the advanced models, such as the Aneros Eupho or Aneros Progasm. They want to get the best prostate massager right off the bat. What these guys don’t really understand is that you have to build up your PC muscles to effectively use these smaller, more advanced toys. Without strong muscles, you probably won’t feel anything! Then you’ll probably just figure that prostate stimulation isn’t worth bothering with, and that’s just sad.

My advice is to start with something simple and work your way. If the first prostate massager that you buy doesn’t do it for you, try another one with a different shape or size until you find the best prostate massager to start with. Once you’ve worked with that for awhile, upgrade to a more advanced version. If you’re smart about it, you’ll be able to find the best prostate massager for you with no problem.

Other Types of Prostate Massager Toy

The Helix is just one of the many options for prostate massager toy that Aneros offers. After testing out the Aneros Helix I am definitely curious to see what else they have to offer. My girl Amanda and I decided to browse through their store together to decide which one we would buy next. One of the first ones that caught her eye was the Aneros Peridise. This model is actually designed to be unisex instead of just being for men. I didn’t even know that females had a prostate, but it turns out they do. It’s sometimes called the Skene’s gland, but apparently it has a lot of same purposes as the male prostate so some people refer to it that way. In any case, the idea of us both using a prostate massager toy together sounds pretty good!

Another thing that I like about the Aneros Peridise is that it actually comes as a set of two, one slightly larger than the other. On top of that, there are actually two sets of Peridise, one is a smaller pair intended for more advanced users while the other is a larger set for beginners. Amanda and I are feeling pretty comfortable using a prostate massager toy, so we’ll probably go for the advanced set when we’re ready to buy.

The Aneros Peridise is a bit different in shape than the other prostate massager toys I’ve seen. Instead of being curved, it’s straighter and it doesn’t have a perineum tab at all, instead having a sort of little handle on the end. It’s still hands free so it should be great to use with a partner. It’s hard to say if the straighter design will feel as good as some of the other models, but I’m willing to give this prostate massager toy the benefit of the doubt!

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