Our Range of Products :

  AX- 1070-D (Dental X Ray Unit)

  AX- 3085 FR-D
     (30ma Portable X Ray Unit)

  AX- 5085 FR-D
     (50ma Portable X Ray Unit)

  AXD- 100
     (100ma Mobile Ray Unit)


   AXD- 300 / 500

  O.P.G Machine
     - First Page
     - Second Page
  Refurbished Ultrasound
  Portable ECScope
  Portable ANSiscope



New generation or successful dental Panoramic X-ray units  XAVIO - PG providing safe and reliable operations high   service comfort and clear dental radiographs.

  Salient Features
  • Microprocessor based digital Control.
  • Microprocessor controlled digital timer.
  • Column carriage can be operated by
  • foot switch as     well as from control panel
  • Wide Range of KVP to suit for adult and children.
  • Easy switchover from OPG to CEPHAL OMETRIC mode.
  • Easy up/ Down movement of carriage from control     panel.
  • Membrane touch button on panel for easy operation.
  • Digital display of KVP and mAs.
  • Space saving design machine.
  • Easy to operate and installation.
  • Audible and visible indication of exposure.
  • Also available with straight Cassette. (Compatible with   CR)

    Standard Panaromic X-rays for TMJ views and maxillary sinuses (film format : 15 X 30 cm)
    Special format panaromic X-rays for children (reduced radiation). In TMJ view, the sinuses maxilla and thyroid gland are not irradiated (film format : 13 X 18 cm )
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