Dental X-Ray Machines, Portable X-Rays, Mobile X-Rays,
Basic Radiography Systems

Dental X-Ray Machines, Portable X-Rays, Mobile X-Rays
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Established in the year of 1992, allans has made a name for itself in the biomedical engineering as a leading manufacturer of the X- ray equipments in the country. The company has been appreciated for perfectly engineered X-ray equipment’s of excellent quality and high standard workmanship.

The company is managed by team of expert engineers having vast experience in the field of biomedical engineering. The company manufactures quality X-ray equipments from dental to all kind of X-ray machines ranging from 15mA to 300mA. ALLANS has been one of them to give you quality in the Electro medical machines. company's all products are approved by A.E.R.B. / B.A.R.C. / B. I. S. (Bureau of indian Standards) ALLANS is an ISO Certified company.


Leading Manufacturer of X-ray machines, Dental X-ray machines, Digital X-ray machines, Portable X-Rays, Mobile X-Rays, Basic Radiography Systems, O.P.G & Sonography Medical System Mumbai, India.


" I feel extremely proud to say that, we at Allans have become one of the leading Organization for manufacturing X-Ray machines. We feel extremely happy and proud of our achievement as the one and only enterprise offering an Immediate support in entire life of X-Ray machine products dispatched (Sold) by us. Such an achievement was only possible because of the commitment to quality and the technical expertise & innovation running down into our company. 


Our Range of Products : AX- 1070-D (Dental X Ray Unit) | AX- 3085 FR-D (30ma Portable X Ray Unit) | AX- 5085 FR-D (50ma Portable X Ray Unit) | AXD- 100 (100ma Mobile Ray Unit)

Address : No.1, Thakur Lane,  Asalpha Village, Jambli Pada Stop, N.S.S. Road,
Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai - 400 084, Maharashtra, India
Tel. : +91 22 25138803
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